Outreach and communication services


Not only are we passionate about sharing science and job opportunities, we are also keen to offer our services to those who need additional support to achieve their communication goals. We have a team of avid science communicators, writers, editors, designers and animators, among many other talented individuals, who are ready and willing to assist with your needs and requirements.

Our prime services are listed below – click to discover what we can offer. We know each aspect of communication is unique, so if you are looking for something specific and cannot see it listed, then please do reach out and contact us directly, and we will be happy to discuss further.

Get Involved


With job opportunities and funding at a current low, we are keen to give back to the science community and offer direct employment and income opportunities. We are always looking for new creative members to join our team to support and offer expert services to our clients. Whether you are a dedicated professional wanting to become a permanent member of the team, or an active researcher wishing to supplement your income, then please submit your CV and we shall be in touch.

Click the link below to see the types of creativity you could bring.