“Improving Science Communication To The Public: 3 Proven Steps for Improving Research Impact


Thursday, March 7th at 17:30 pm, GMT








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Who should attend

Those who want to improve public understanding of science

Those who want to inspire the next generation
Those who want to connect with fellow professionals in a diverse array of fields

Those who want to increase new funding opportunities

And those who want to generally improve their science communication skills

The steps we will discuss in this webinar

Science communication has never been so important – high levels of scrutiny in science and public spending have encouraged a large number of scientists to think about how and why they are communicating their research. Recent reports suggest over 4 million scientific papers are published each year and to be able to stand out from the crowd and show real impact is becoming a crucial part of scientific publishing. We can help you to understand, improve and advance on new communication strategies that will bring your science to a whole new audience as a result.

Step 1

How to define your audience: going beyond demographics

Step 2

Create engaging multimedia content in less time than the average commute

Step 3

How science can compete with prime-time TV for the public’s attention

Who we are

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We are a team of creative thinkers and explorers from inside and outside the science community who aim to make science accessible, visible and enjoyable.

We blend a diverse pool of expertise, from scientific researchers to editors, from writers to designers, from publishers to PR, and the list goes on. Our aim is to bring all of this under one roof to provide a platform of knowledge sharing and opportunities without any restrictions or boundaries.

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Presented By Tom Render Communications Director

Tom has a background in science communication spanning close to 10 years and he has worked in almost all positions within publishing houses and media communication. Having seen the evolution of science communication change over the last 5 years, he has been a leading source for creativity and development in this exciting arena and brings a personal passion for communication technology.

Tom is uniquely positioned to educate and advise on all aspects of public science communication and personal development, whilst thinking outside the usual box with novel techniques and a proven track record.

Thursday, March 7th at 17:30 pm, GMT


Cost: Free

*Please note that the webinar is limited to the first 50 registrants for free 

Register now to avoid disappointment