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Scientists are often told they need to communicate more – whether that is to other scientists, students, policy makers or the general public. We have created a platform for scientists and those interested in science to communicate, network, share ideas and knowledge, educate, and impact.

So, whether you want to help the science community engage with the general public, present your research to new collaborators and students, or maybe you just want to develop your communication skills – get involved and write an article today for the good of science.




The tone of each article should be informative, friendly and engaging. Maybe you want to inspire the future generation to get involved in your research field? Perhaps you want the general public to understand why your research is so important for society? Or maybe you just want your voice to be heard in the ever-growing online science community? The list goes on, as there are many unique reasons for each of us to communicate our work.

Each article should be aimed towards one of three audience types, but you are not limited to one article:
– Introduction
– Intermediate
– Expert

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